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Below are the categories of services we offer, which vary depending on the level of engagement with the customer and and type of work (technical, coaching) we will do.



Our core focus in the JavaScript language and its  rich ecosystem.

We use JavaScript both on the frontend, with libraries and frameworks like React, Angular and React Native, and in the backend, with Node.js

Our approach to software development is based on agile methods, which we use as a real set of principles rather than buzzwords, leveraging its most effective elements on multiple levels.

Starting from  development practices like Extreme Programming (Test Driven Development, pair programming and code reviews), passing through Scrum and Kanban for project management and finally Continuous Integration and Delivery for getting our projects to production.

We usually work in Time-and-material (T&M) mode and, based on the project, we can staff an entire team which will work either full- or part-time for a duration which can vary between a month and multiple years.

Types of software projects


React is our favorite tool for Web development. We use it to create the User Interface and client side logic of our programs.

We use React since it early days and we know in depth React itself and its rich ecosystem.

We can easily adapt to other tools like Angular, Vue or Svelte. Our long experience enables us to choose the best tool for the job.


Our favorite tool for mobile development is React Native. This allows us to leverage our React knowledge in an environment other than Web, while keeping the same paradigms which we are familiar with. React Native allows using React to build native mobile applications.


Our choice for backend development is Node.js, the most popular JavaScript framework for creating servers and scripts. Our in-depth knowledge of Node.js allows us to leverage it to its full extent, together with its rich ecosystem of open source libraries that make Node.js the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Cloud Native

We create high quality software, which needs high quality and reliable infrastructure to run. We rely on the main cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, without neglecting secondary players like Heroku and Netlify, depending on needs of our customers and projects.


Consulting and

Remotamente’s experience in software development allows us to offer our customers consulting and coaching services.

For example, some projects may require a level of knowledge and familiarity with certain problems related to security, performance, architecture and infrastructure that less experienced teams may not possess. In such cases our consulting involvement allows to address a specific problem requiring deep knowledge in a certain area.

When the problem lies in the customer’s development teams, instead, Remotamente can offer coaching services which, by pairing up staff members from the customer’s team together with our staff, allows quality and productivity to increase, without needing Remotamente to take full ownership of the software development project.



An especially effective approach to the creation of a software project and at the same time for increasing quality and skills of internal teams is team augmentation. In this case one or more experts from Remotamente are included in the customer’s development teams.

This achieves a dual result: a speedy delivery of the software project and an increase in the competencies of the customer’s own staff, who will be in charge of maintaining the software over time.



Finally, to complete the service offer we propose technical training.

The level of knowledge of our tools of the trade allows us to share it with our customers in order to train their development teams to become more proficient, effective and productive.

The topics on which we can offer training are all those we use daily in our work, including:

  • Frontend tools like React, React Native and Angular
  • Backend tools like Node.js and frameworks like Fastify and Express
  • Database tools like Postgres, MongoDB and Redis
  • Cloud technologies like AWS, GCP and Kubernetes

We like to consider our training offer as the tip of the iceberg, complementing our portfolio of services.

Training in itself can be very effective but the learned topics need to be repeated and included in the daily work routine, otherwise training may quickly lose effectiveness, especially considering the quick pace at which technologies evolve over time.

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